As long as it’s green…

May 10, 2008

A picture of a dandelion, nabbed from wikipediaI have been having a go at my dandelions. My lawn is dreadful – basically a bit of weedy, mossy (mostly) green stuff that was in a terrible state when I took it over two years ago because of neglect, shade, too many tree roots, compacted clay soil… all the usual problems.

Just by mowing it regularly and keeping the edges tidy I have managed to make it look reasonable, and I occasionally swish it over with a soluble lawn feed which temporarily intensifies the green – but I simply can’t find it in myself to become lawn-obsessive.

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Solomon’s Seal sawfly

April 22, 2008

Solomon's SealConfined to my desk by wet weather, I realise that the planting around my pond is the most important in my whole garden because I sit and look at it all the time I am ‘working’. Every leaf matters.

Currently the Polygonatum (Solomon’s Seal) is powering upwards with almost visible speed in its allotted space (where in a matter of a few weeks its bent-over stems and little hanging white flowers will be reflected artily in the pond’s glassy surface).

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Of kamikaze chaffinches and robins in kilts

April 18, 2008

It’s April and I can’t believe how cold it is out there. I am still feeding the garden birds. The finches and tits get sunflower kernels, and the container is invariably raided by the local squirrels who are doing their best to gnaw through the plastic.

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