How I can help your garden

Garden Inspirations flyerWHAT I DON’T DO… is re-design your garden for you.

WHAT I CAN DO… is help you to reorganise your garden and understand it better.

I’ll spend a morning or afternoon with you – talking with you and touring the garden.

I can help:

  • identify plants, pests and problems;
  • suggest a simplified layout to ease maintenance;
  • plan small features that will add impact or colour and general interest;
  • talk though the timing and general logistics of the work involved.

Often a fresh pair of eyes and a few tweaks can completely transform a garden, without the need for major expense on landscaping.

On a practical level, I can:

  • help colour-tag existing shrubs, trees, climbers etc according to when they should be pruned;
  • explain and demonstrate pruning methods.
  • make lists of suggested new plants, and point you in the direction of reliable suppliers.
  • help place and space new plants in new or re-vamped beds and borders, to make sure you give them ample room to grow (rather than overcrowding).

Contact me to arrange a visit and/or discuss my rates. These depend very much on the size of your garden and where it is, and what it is you want me to do.  I charge an initial (negotiable) fee.  Return visits (if needed), accompanied shopping etc. are charged by the hour.

I can be reached via

6 Responses to How I can help your garden

  1. Jean Millar says:

    Dear Helen – I have a garden that was laid out 25 years ago and I have fiddled with since. We had a wall put in for privacy from a proposed development next door which necessitated removing all the existing plants in one part and starting again which I have done with modifed success. I don’t really want a garden designer to come and start putting in lots of hardscaping. (I live in a black wooden barn in the Oxfordshire countryside, and feel that many designed gardens around here are too townie) I would love some constructive advice on improvements and suggestions for improving the planting to get it to look better for longer. I have very thin dry chalky soil as I live on the edge of the Berkshire Downs. I live near Didcot, a longish journey by car from Wadhurst, 45 minutes from Paddington.

    Best wishes, Jean Millar

    What are your rates fro a visit, and is this the kind of thing you can help with?

  2. michael says:

    Hello Helen,

    do you have a address for a rosedealer which is selling the lawrence johnstone rose. For your kindly
    help with best regards from a juniorgardener in brandenburg/germany

  3. janet paul says:

    Re your advice about copper tape around pots containing hostas, I have done this, but inadvisably stood the pots against others without the tape as they contained plants apparently unattractive to slugs or snails. It seems that slugs and snails can jump from one pot to the other, avoiding the copper tape and devasting the hostas. However, some of the hostas seem to be having a second period of growth at the moment which are untouched for some reason.

  4. Cliff Woods says:

    Dear Helen
    I enjoy your page in the Telegraph every week. Can you please help. My fig tree, re-potted in the spring and about 3 feet tall, has given about a dozen delicious ripe fruits this year. It has now thrown about 100 new baby figs. What should I do about them. My Italian neighbor who claims to be an expert says to remove them all. Is that right?
    Last year about 15 baby figs survived the hard winter and these are the fruits which developed.
    Most grateful for any advice.
    Cliff Woods (Poole, Dorset)

  5. Mary Nourish says:

    Quite a lot of my plants haven’t flowered this year including anuuals such as Alonsoa, some roses and several other plants.The flowering tips are distorted and holes have appeared in the top leaves. I believe the damage may have been done by Capsid bugs though I have never seen any. If you think this is the case can you give me any advice about what I can do to prevent this happening next year or what else may have caused it. Thank you.

  6. penny chamont says:

    Dear Helen, Following your enthusiastic report about le Jardin plume near Rouen, a couple of weeks ago, I visited it last Friday with a French friend I was staying with, who lives in Rouen. She knows the garden well of course. We had a lovely afternoon and meet Madam. I gave her your article! Unfortunatly the night before we had a really hard frost so alot of stuff had been knocked down, never the less it was a great pleasure and will go again at a different time of year. Madam was thrilled to be coming to London to collect her Garden of the year award to day. Maybe you were there? Many thanks for both the regular article and the note about jardin plume. Penny Chamont

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