Garden Inspiration

WHAT I CAN DO… is help you to reorganise your garden and understand it better

I spend a morning or afternoon with you – talking with you and touring the garden.

I can help:

  • identify plants, pests and problems;
  • suggest a simplified layout to ease maintenance;
  • plan small features that will add impact or colour and general interest;
  • talk though the timing and general logistics of the work involved.

Often a fresh pair of eyes and a few tweaks can completely transform a garden, without the need for major expense on landscaping.

On a practical level, I can:

  • help colour-tag existing shrubs, trees, climbers etc according to when they should be pruned;
  • explain and demonstrate pruning methods;
  • make lists of suggested new plants, and point you in the direction of reliable suppliers;
  • help place and space new plants in new or re-vamped beds and borders, to make sure you give them ample room to grow (rather than overcrowding).

WHAT I DON’T DO… is re-design your garden for you.

Contact me to arrange a visit and/or discuss my rates. These depend very much on the size of your garden and where it is, and what it is you want me to do.  I charge an initial (negotiable) fee.  Return visits (if needed), accompanied shopping etc. are charged by the hour.