Too soggy to blog

I have been exceedingly lax about keeping this going – partly overwork, partly the fact that, when not mopping up INDOORS after downpours (oh yes, drips just missing bowls and buckets everywhere), I have been gripped by a creative urge and have been digging up part of my lawn in order to augment/amend the border plantings.

There are ‘before’pictures here, of course, and my neighbour Cate helpfullystaggered around between VAT returns (she is an accountant) to take some muddy ‘during’ pictures but – guess what – has not had time to download them from her camera and send them to me.  But she will eventually.  And then I will explain what I have been doing and why.  I only hope the eventual ‘after’ pictures next summer will prove what I fervently hope – that it was worth the considerable effort.

4 Responses to Too soggy to blog

  1. Jennifer says:

    Looking forward to the pictures!

  2. johnson says:

    I have presented you with an award. Please don’t feel under any pressure to accept it! See my blog for further details.

  3. Hi Helen,
    I’ve kept coming across references to your blog so thought I’d pop in for a visit. I’ve really enjoyed reading all your posts and look forward to seeing the photos of your amended border!

  4. Amalee Issa says:

    Happy Christmas Helen,

    Get another posting done, you’re a natural at this, and your photos are really impressive too.


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