Twitter: so far – so what?

A few weeks of Tweeting (I am still floundering with the subtleties of Twitterworld) leaves me somewhat perplexed – and in truth, rather inclined to back away into the undergrowth. Why do we Tweet? Is it because we want to shout our thoughts/opinions or share interesting occurrences with as many people as possible – whoever,Continue reading “Twitter: so far – so what?”

Chelsea – digging myself a big hole?

I just don’t get it, I am afraid. Whilst I appreciate the skill, the team-work and the sheer pressure involved, I find the very idea of competitive gardening a la Chelsea Flower Show totally perplexing. Fellow writers and garden designers probably despair about my naïvety – but I do acknowledge another view:  We should appreciate ChelseaContinue reading “Chelsea – digging myself a big hole?”

What price ‘freebies’?

And now for something a bit precarious, professionally speaking –  a little bit out on a limb: A reader of my Telegraph page wrote to me about my lawnmower, a Bosch  lithium-ion cordless model that  I have been using for about four years and about which I cannot speak too highly. Referring to it recently on my page, I mentionedContinue reading “What price ‘freebies’?”

Blogging for the BBC..!

My first, and I hope not my last post for the BBC gardening blog is up and running – about posy pickers. Here’s the link: Commenter Stephanie Donaldson is obviously a dedicated PP like me, and on her blog, ‘The Enduring Gardener‘, there are some pictures to inspire, of extremely tasteful garden posies she has put together –Continue reading “Blogging for the BBC..!”

Gardening in my slippers – a cautionary tale

Two days ago, early in the morning I was carefully walking along the edge of the pond (precious primulas in full sail to my left, water to my right) in order to haul out some of the mass of oxygenating weed that was threatening to engulf the pump. I had just wandered outside, having completed the ‘weekly tips’ section ofContinue reading “Gardening in my slippers – a cautionary tale”