Thorny Problems – progress report and events

Thorny Problems

My book, Thorny Problems, has been out barely a week and I am pleased to say it is doing really rather well…

After hefty promotion in The Telegraph on Saturday, Amazon sold out (but that has been sorted out by now I dare say), and when I last looked it was at no. 2 on their ‘homes and gardens bestseller‘  list (no. 1 being a Kindle book which, as someone  Really Important in publishing  (I daren’t say who) said, ‘doesn’t really count’).

Anyway, I’ve got various speaking and Q & A sessions coming up and will endeavour to keep a supply of books with me, both RHS Grow Your Own Flowers and Thorny Problems.

The following are the more ‘horticultural’ events (there are one or two ticket-only charity things, and I don’t think the organizers would thank me for mentioning them at this late date because I think tickets are all sold).

Tomorrow (Friday 11th March) I shall be answering questions (with the fab and famous Fergus Garrett  and  Stephanie Donaldson)  in Hastings at a Gardeners’ Question Time organized by the Lower Torfield Allotment Association – 7pm in All Saints Hall, All Saints Street, Hastings.

On March 16th I shall be doing a talk on ‘Downsizing’  – an upbeat PowerPoint saga of my change of horticultural circumstances –  in Framfield Hall, Framfield, East Sussex starting at 7 pm.

On March 24th at 7.30 pm I shall be talking to the members of an organisation called ‘Beautiful Battle‘ in Battle Memorial Hall which is, yes you guessed, in Battle, East Sussex.

On March 26th I will be doing a ‘Thorny Problems Live’ session for the Dorset Hardy Plant Society at Colehill Memorial Hall BH21 2LS, at 2 pm.

April gets really busy, starting with talks at Barnsley House in Gloucestershire (April 1), a booksigning at Wisley (April 3) and another ‘Downsizing’ session for the Chelsea Gardeners Guild (April 6).

I will post more details of these later.  This is, I fully acknowledge,  a VERY BORING POST –  but Henry (my son) told me I absolutely had to do it.  Blah blah Henry, since when did you give your mother orders….?


8 thoughts on “Thorny Problems – progress report and events

  1. “Since when did you give your mother orders…?”

    About the same time she started needing a kick in the bewtocks to remind her to update her blog…

    h x

  2. Hi Helen, it’s Emma Davies here, the owner of The Walled Nursery in Hawkhurst. If you are passing us on the way or back from Hastings, do pop in? We can stick the kettle on and show you what we’ve been doing in our first year at the nursery. Please do send my regards to Fergus, he got me started as a volunteer at Great Dixter. I bought your Thorny problems book in Tunbridge Wells last week and I am really enjoying it. We get a lot of thorny problems questions ourselves as i’m sure you can imagine so it’s always good to swat up and I love your style! We have a website now

    We have had a fantastic first year but we need a better 2nd year and more people to get to know us. Any ideas? All the best and do try and visit us sometime? We are always closed on Thursdays. Kind regards, Emma

  3. Cry ‘God for Harry, England and Saint George’ – and when you’ve done that, why not buy one or two of Phillips and Rix’s books? – they’re brilliant and great value.

  4. Hi Martha,

    Thanks from me too -have you tried P & R’s books? – they’re fab.

    Best regards – and keep up the weeding, you know it makes sense,


    PS: please pass my regards on to Sarah and Alice when you see them

  5. I don’t but many gardening books now as I have far too many… But yours will be on my wish list. Have to send a note to hubby about it.

  6. Of course Henry is right. And now you forgot to say you are talking at The Cottesbrooke Hall Plant Finders Fair in Northampton on June 25 & 26, 2011. Tsk, tsk!

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