My garden is open for four hours…

…between 2 pm and 6 pm on Sunday June 5, as part of the Wadhurst Open Gardens 2011 weekend.  Other lovely gardens of all shapes and sizes are open as well, of course, during both the Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  Tickets cost £5 from Carillon Cottage (the parish office near the post office bang in the middle of Wadhurst High Street).  I am keeping my fingers crossed for good weather –  and less of the ghastly wind that has been rocking things around for the past week.


4 thoughts on “My garden is open for four hours…

  1. Helen,

    Do you really think this is wise? I am likely to pay my fiver, turn up on the day and ask you to sign copies of your books. And ask you facetious questions just to see you get all stroppy and say something like, “Amalee, this is basic horticulture – you should know this by now!”

    Would be great to meet you though, and see your garden, because it sounds so lovely from your column and your blog.


    1. Hello Amalee. Do turn up – it would be really good to meet you after all the indirect communication we have had! Maybe you will find out that I am really not the dreadful dragon you think I am. Or am I?

  2. Best of luck with your Open Day today. Having had a quick look at some of your Flickr photos, I think anyone who visits would enjoy a wander through your garden immensely.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments, Bernie. At time of writing – Sunday morning – it is just starting to rain! This is particularly sad, since this garden is planted to make the most of the dappled light through the trees that are a big feature here – there is also lots of gorgeous of red-translucent foliage, at its best with the sun behind it. No matter. I am sure people will turn up any way – gardeners are a hardy lot!

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