New pics

I’ve just added some new photos to my Flickr account – have a look:

Me, autumn 2008Monsieur Frog giving my camera the eyeTithonia 'Torch' -  won my personal 'Dramatic Annual of the Year' award in 2009Big, blowsy Monarda 'Jacob Cline' dominates a a big blowsy borderHemmed-in greenhouse with Agapanthus africanusTulips in the 'red bed', 2010 (2)
White and cream tulips at the brand new mid-border path. 2010Tulips in the 'red bed' 2010New path only just visible between the flowers - high summer 2010A celebration of green and white... Smyrnium and Miscanthus

Eldenhurst – latest, a set on Flickr.


3 thoughts on “New pics

  1. Would just like to say how much I personally enjoyed your talk at Henfield Garden Club yesterday evening. I think the whole evening was a joy and goes to prove that so long as someone can garden then they can be happy. It just shows what anyone can do when they have to.
    I think your first garden was amazing but your current garden is so much better because not only did it help you through an obviously very difficult time but it is much more like an ordinary sized garden that our garden club members have. The talk was an inspiration and I am sure most of your audience felt they wanted to go straight home and go outside follow all your excellent advice – in our nighties if necessary!
    Hope you had a good journey home (with your computer) and I’m sure most of our members will want to see your garden in person so it will be going on the club’s “to visit” list in the hopefully not too distant future.
    Many thanks again
    Margaret Hollingsworth
    Henfield Garden Club, Publicity Secretary.

  2. Hi Helen,

    I’m a fan of your column in the Daily Telegraph Saturday gardening supplement – both personally and professionally. It is with the latter that I’m contacting you. I help run the Gardeners Club – – one of a number of special interest clubs run by Web-Clubs – will tell you more. Free to join clubs to bring information, advice and fun. We send regular email newsletters. Would you like to contribute some editorial to our newsletters and/or add some featured articles to the Gardeners Club website? In exchange we can promote your latest book ‘Thorny Problems’ and your previous publications, directing people to your website in order for them to purchase direct from you. We look forward to hearing from you.
    David White

  3. I’ve recently come acroos your blog, and i must say it is fasintating!
    Ive learnt alot through what i have read on here. Just wondering why you stopped posting so much recently?
    These photos are amazing, but not as amazing as your hands on experience advice.

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