“Did you know there was an old lady in a hairnet drowning in your pond?”

…was just one of various bemused comments from visitors about the orange mesh bag – actually full of barley straw – currently breezing around on the surface of my pond as part of my battle against blanket weed and green water. Wiggly Wigglers (www.wigglywigglers.co.uk) sell bags of straw in trios (they are on special offer asContinue reading ““Did you know there was an old lady in a hairnet drowning in your pond?””

Grow your own leaves

No, this is not – to my knowledge – a reference to yet another RHS tome in the successful series, but refers to my passion for foliage. When I was writing Grow Your Own Flowers, shrubs and trees and perennials grown for the sheer beauty of their leaves were, as the title of the book kind of suggests, elbowed asideContinue reading “Grow your own leaves”

Keeping control of your cistus

Last year I wrote about keeping things in my garden ‘in balance’ by cutting back the lush foliage of my border plants at this time.  With hindsight – looking at pictures I took – it is clear that many of my plants were hugely over-enthusiastic – they looked as though they had been fed on steroids. I put this downContinue reading “Keeping control of your cistus”

Bumbling on…

Ho Humm. Here’s yet another reason why we should shun dizzy annual bedding plants – particularly those boring little red begonias and busy lizzies (or is that bizzy lusies?). According to an email I recieved last week, bumblebees don’t like them because they have little nectar on offer. And did you know that the various bumblebee species differContinue reading “Bumbling on…”

National Garden Scheme: ‘Thorny Problems’

Saturday’s session in aid of the National Garden Scheme, held in the little hall across the road from my house in Wadhurst, and followed by a leisurely stroll around my garden, glass in hand, was a lovely low-key event, one that I am due to repeat this coming Saturday, June 14. I decided (more or lessContinue reading “National Garden Scheme: ‘Thorny Problems’”