Twitter: so far – so what?

A few weeks of Tweeting (I am still floundering with the subtleties of Twitterworld) leaves me somewhat perplexed – and in truth, rather inclined to back away into the undergrowth.

Why do we Tweet? Is it because we want to shout our thoughts/opinions or share interesting occurrences with as many people as possible – whoever, wherever?

Do we therefore pride ourselves on rattling out all sorts of random personal stuff, following everyone we can find just to make sure they listen?

Or do we home in on and follow people who are likely to know who we are*, may find our thoughts/opinions/enthusiasms etc. interesting, the less trivial ones even possibly thought-provoking – in the knowledge that they will pass some on to similar others.

Is it ‘mean’, therefore, not to at least follow everyone who follows you, as one very prominent and prolific Tweeter suggests? (You see, I am too pursed-lipped to even mention his/her name!)

Maybe the pursed-lipped shouldn’t Tweet.

Am I missing the point of it all?

Comments please below (or, in a sealed envelope, marked Private and Confidential, addressed to…)

Over and out.

*I tweet as one who, in a very,very small arena, admittedly, is relatively well-known.


2 thoughts on “Twitter: so far – so what?

  1. Hi – I’m with you.
    Between writing garden articles, garden blogs, keeping up with Facebook and life, it’s enough and often too much.
    Just add Twitter? Nah. I have enough thanks.

  2. Twitter can be lots of fun…its not much work, you can inspire the people who trust you for advice and its good for a) having a laugh or a new thought (follow some comedians or authors) b) getting news headlines w/o having to read papers or get depressed with the tv news c) making new friends – i have made some friends and I don’t tweet that much and d) lastly, finding great gardens & nurseries to visit
    Gardening wise – ie tonight i enjoyed Sue beesleys tweets – she is canvassing opinion for a rain dance, i told her to STOP!
    It also fills a tea break well as you ready for the new weeding burst or to fill a rain shower…..although i do not want them thank you!!
    Relax about it and enjoy….only follow if you like the look of them – nobodies really that fussed.
    Now back to tweeting about something meaningless for me!!!

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