The One Show – Bristol – Buddleja

The BBC’s One Show is my televisual guilty secret. Apart from the fact that it coincides with my finishing things I absolutely have to do each day, indoors and out, I like the cheerful content and the chemistry between the presenters. And sometimes they have really interesting features. Tonight’s programme visited Bristol (of which IContinue reading “The One Show – Bristol – Buddleja”

Garden ponds, children – and Charles Darwin

This evening I went to see Creation – a film about Charles Darwin. The film was absorbing  – somewhat over-emotional, perhaps – focusing heavily on the double trauma Darwin suffered as a result of his scientific convictions and the death of his daughter – and the rift they caused between him and his intensely religious wife. ButContinue reading “Garden ponds, children – and Charles Darwin”

Autumn blues and nice smells

The best thing about blogging – as opposed to writing for a weekly newspaper deadline – is that you can simply opt not to for a while. OK, so the graph that tells you how many people read your stuff  (the checking of which can become a bit of an obsession if you let it) gets dishearteningly un-peak-yContinue reading “Autumn blues and nice smells”

From Hampton Court to Parham House

Well, I have done my time at Hampton Court Flower Show and got the tired feet and muddy shoes to prove it. As usual I enjoyed it a lot, apart from that horrid washing line with saggy underwear planted up with bedding plants.  What on earth….?  And the ‘six wives of Henry VIII’  gardens were aContinue reading “From Hampton Court to Parham House”

Garden ponds/hot weather – a slightly more sensible post than the last one…

My pond – directly in my line of view as I write – is lovely at this time of year, but the hot weather and lack of rain have caused the water level to drop by a couple of inches at least.  Topping up garden ponds with tap water encourages the growth of algae, soContinue reading “Garden ponds/hot weather – a slightly more sensible post than the last one…”

The Performing Seal speaks (or writes)

Being basically a very un-bloggy person – am I the only performing seal that has to be reminded to perform (by my son Henry who blogs for Cancer Research UK )? – I (no, he) feel(s) I should in turn remind readers that I shall be ‘performing’ in the Telegraph Gardening Theatre at Hampton Court Flower ShowContinue reading “The Performing Seal speaks (or writes)”

Keeping control of your cistus

Last year I wrote about keeping things in my garden ‘in balance’ by cutting back the lush foliage of my border plants at this time.  With hindsight – looking at pictures I took – it is clear that many of my plants were hugely over-enthusiastic – they looked as though they had been fed on steroids. I put this downContinue reading “Keeping control of your cistus”

Assorted daisies and goat cuisine…

Hold on to your hats, this may be a long one… Getting away from my desk is hard. My weekly problem-solving column in The Telegraph gardening supplement has run more or less without a break since 2001 (apart from some jiggerypokery around Christmas times) and involves a weighty e- and snail-mailbag. I endeavour to keep thingsContinue reading “Assorted daisies and goat cuisine…”