All booked up…

Amalee Issa has given me a dig in the ribs today.  Not a word, not a single word, have I written here in six months – or is it more? –  she says.

I have an excuse:  I am in the thick of it with not just one, but two books.  So instead of writing anything pithy – since I haven’t really got time –  I will just add a couple more pictures of my garden.  Sorry.

My garden 1

New path through the border from one end… (click to enlarge)

The new stepping-stone path (replacing a swathe of hard-pressed lawn between a border and a central bed) has worked out even better than I hoped.

…and the other end (click to enlarge)

It has made it possible to walk, effectively,  right through the middle of a border that now feels realy chunky  – with thyme, camomile and other tiddlers creeping happily between the stones.  Loadsaflowers at really close quarters. Lovely.

3 Responses to All booked up…

  1. My big chunky border could use one of those paths. Great idea and photos.
    Congratulations on being too busy to write in your garden blog. Good for you.

  2. Victoria says:

    I know how it feels to be stuck at a computer when you’d much rather be outside. But I look forward to reading (and buying) the books!
    By the way, I saw your comments on blanketweed in your latest Thorny Problems column. I use Nishikoi Goodbye Blanket Weed, which really really works (unlike other products). You chuck one sachet a week into the pond – it might take a couple of months to gain the upper hand.
    I use Netfloat too, on your recommendation, and the combination of Netfloat and blanketweed is not a good one. But Nishikoi GBW seems to do the trick. Don’t be put off by the price, which is exorbitant.

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