Skirmishing in the trenches

April 28, 2009
Allotment finally tamed – April 2009

Allotment finally tamed – April 2009 (click to enlarge)

Fabulously and at long last – I have got the upper hand on my allotment.

All raised beds are built (some, to my great personal satisfaction, using recycled decking), spuds (Charlotte, Vivaldi and Anya) are up, autumn raspberries are a foot hight.

Strawberry plants (Florence, Honeoye and Alice) are doing well in their smart new home and some are even in flower, there is a spectacular abundance of gooseberries swelling almost visibly and the roses are all in great shape following their first proper prune.

And that is just some of it…

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Calling all Garden & Horticultural Society Presidents

March 25, 2009

Quite out of the blue I have been asked to be the President of a local village Horticultural  Society – a purely ‘ceremonial’ role, I expect, but one that I am really pleased to take on.

I should love to hear from anyone else who has done, or is doing, something similar and hear about their experiences.

How ‘hands on’ can one  – is one expected – to be?  Some horticultural societies are frozen in time (somewhere in the 1950’s), some others seem to be really proactive.  Most seem to have members that are getting on a bit, and perhaps seem unable to attract younger members.  How does one get over this problem?

Annual membership subs are in my view unrealistically low – while the expected fee from decent lecturers has understandably risen in the past years.  In my village there is hardly any link between the allotment people and the garden society.  Is this typical?    Comments please.

Posies of roses and other allotmenty things

June 21, 2008

Roses in my garden are so much part of the over all picture that I am reluctant to pick them.  I have planted some Hybrid Musks (Penelope and Buff Beauty) and a couple of Rosa glaucas and a Rosa chinensis mutabilis, a gloriously scented velvety deepest-crimson old shrub (‘Charles de Mills’) some Rugosas and a curious dull copper/orange floribunda called Edith Holden which looks wonderful underplanted with purple sage. 

And there are some showy rosy remnants of the garden that was here before (regretably none of them scented but great ‘doers’), ‘Bonica’, ‘Ferdy’ and dispsite the fact that it eventually succumbs to of black spot, a very prolific ‘Climbing Iceberg’.

On my allotment it is another matter entirely.  I have given a substantial amount of space to a dozen English Roses just for picking.  I planted them in February 2007, with microrrhizal fungi around their roots and they did pretty well even in their first year. 

This year they are covered, I mean absolutely smothered, in flowers. 

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April 21, 2008

Apart from the last few of last season’s leeks, that’s about all there is on the allotment at the moment. Evil cold wind, unpredictable weather, a week ‘off sick’ and another one recuperating have meant that I’ve done little since I installed my new raised beds.

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Well here goes

March 22, 2008

Helen down on her allotmentEaster Saturday, and the sleet is horizontal outside my window. Even the little wagtail hoovering up the scraps left by the blackbirds – male ‘Raymond’, female ‘Biddy’ – Blackster that is, (sorry, I have a bird thing) where was I , yes, even the little wagtail is looking a bit chilly, wagging at half mast, as it were.

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