Skirmishing in the trenches

Fabulously and at long last – I have got the upper hand on my allotment. All raised beds are built (some, to my great personal satisfaction, using recycled decking), spuds (Charlotte, Vivaldi and Anya) are up, autumn raspberries are a foot hight. Strawberry plants (Florence, Honeoye and Alice) are doing well in their smart new home and someContinue reading “Skirmishing in the trenches”


Calling all Garden & Horticultural Society Presidents

Quite out of the blue I have been asked to be the President of a local village Horticultural  Society – a purely ‘ceremonial’ role, I expect, but one that I am really pleased to take on. I should love to hear from anyone else who has done, or is doing, something similar and hear about their experiences.Continue reading “Calling all Garden & Horticultural Society Presidents”

Posies of roses and other allotmenty things

Roses in my garden are so much part of the over all picture that I am reluctant to pick them.  I have planted some Hybrid Musks (Penelope and Buff Beauty) and a couple of Rosa glaucas and a Rosa chinensis mutabilis, a gloriously scented velvety deepest-crimson old shrub (‘Charles de Mills’) some Rugosas and aContinue reading “Posies of roses and other allotmenty things”