Chelsea – digging myself a big hole?

I just don’t get it, I am afraid. Whilst I appreciate the skill, the team-work and the sheer pressure involved, I find the very idea of competitive gardening a la Chelsea Flower Show totally perplexing. Fellow writers and garden designers probably despair about my naïvety – but I do acknowledge another view:  We should appreciate ChelseaContinue reading “Chelsea – digging myself a big hole?”

Chelsea Flower Show – a SPANA in the works

I have always moaned about Chelsea for all the usual reasons – the crowds and the scrum; the inevitable domination of the whole event by the show gardens and the fact that they often deceive, horticulturally; and all the drossy, tasteless things on sale (not in the main thoroughfare where the big players have their stalls,Continue reading “Chelsea Flower Show – a SPANA in the works”