Control freaks and twiddlers

Are you a bit of a ruthless control-freak in the garden or do you just twiddle about?  If you ask any gardening acquaintances  they will readily jump (or tiptoe hesitantly) into one or other camp. I have just been rescuing a Twiddler friend’s climbing roses from years of indecisive  mismanagement.  You know the picture:  horrid gnarledContinue reading “Control freaks and twiddlers”

What’s going on in Torquay? – tips on planting in the shade

My apologies to holiday Googlers everywhere.  This is not about the south coast of England’s famous watering hole, but about a small bit of my garden, somewhat dismissivly described by a non-gardening friend as ‘looking like Torquay‘ when it first started to evolve.  If you look at the pictures you will probably see why. I absolutelyContinue reading “What’s going on in Torquay? – tips on planting in the shade”